Zeynep and Mustafa

Just a few weeks ago I posted a video of Zeynep Bastık, in which she did a cover of a Mustafa Sandal song.

Now the two made a duet – Mod – and the video clip premiered yesterday.

Mod – Mustafa Sandal, Zeynep Bastık (November 2019)

Mustafa Sandal is a sort of legend in Turkey, he has been active in the music world since the early 90s. Sandal sold more than 14 million albums inside and outside of Turkey and also wrote countless hits for big names like Ajda Pekkan, Sezen Aksu and Sertab Erener. Sandal’s single İsyankar (2005) reached the charts in several European countries.

The singer-songwriter also collaborated with many artists, such as Gülben Ergen, Greek singer Natalia, Eros Ramazzotti, Serbian singer Emina Jahović (now his ex-wife), Gülşen and Turkish rapper Eypio. And – luckily for us – the lovely Zeynep Bastık.

IG: @zeynepbastik

Just a reminder for everyone in the Netherlands: Zeynep will perform in the Melkweg Amsterdam on December 21, 2019.

Zeynep Bastık

One of my favourite Turkish artists on YouTube is Zeynep Bastık. The singer and actress regularly posts videos of intimate acoustic sessions.

Earlier this year, the cover of Ezhel‘s Felaket went viral (59 million views and counting). But this is yesterday’s video, Zeynep’s version of the Mustafa Sandal hit Kalmadı.

Zeynep Bastık – Kalmadı Akustik (October 2019)

Having grown up in an artistic family, it was only to be expected that Istanbul-born Zeynep would study music, dance and theatre. Her musical career started as a singer of the cover band Jackpot in 2010. Following that, Zeynep was a background vocalist for Murat Dalkılıç.

In addition to music, Zeynep also became popular as an actress; recently in the Turkish FOX TV series Yasak Elma (Forbidden Apple), in which she plays the role of İrem.

IG: @zeynepbastik

Zeynep Bastık has built up a loyal fan base that follows her on platforms like Instagram and YouTube. She conquered their hearts with her music, but also with her empathetic personality. In August she donated the proceeds of a concert to the young daughter of Emine Bulut, a woman who had been horribly killed by her ex-husband – a murder that shocked the whole of Turkey.

Anyone who lives in the Netherlands – like me – can listen to and see Zeynep live in the Melkweg Amsterdam on Saturday December 21, 2019.