Göksu Taşçeviren

It’s probably because I’m getting older, but more and more, autumn gets to be my favourite season. The city turns quieter, gloominess alternates with golden brown splendour, and we are not dealing with heat waves or bitter freezing temperatures.

The most beautiful song about autumn’s melancholia is İstanbul’da Sonbahar (Fall in Istanbul) by Teoman. But this is *Kadin* Sesler, so I chose this wonderful version of singer Göksu Taşçeviren and her band Sufle.

Sufle – İstanbul’da Sonbahar (April 2018)

“İstanbul bugün yorgun üzgün ve yaşlanmış – Biraz kilo almış – Ağlamış yine, rimelleri akıyor” (Istanbul is tired today, upset and getting old – Has gained weight slightly – She cried again, her mascara is running down).

Göksu Taşçeviren co-founded the band Sufle when she studied economics at the University of Ankara. The band initially played pop-rock covers, and posted them on YouTube. Later, the warm voice of Göksu could be heard at festivals and in TV shows throughout Turkey. The EP Pus (Haze, 2017) contained only self-written work.

Earlier this month their most recent single Mücevher was released.

IG: @sufleband