Feride Hilal Akın

At the age of 15, Feride Hilal Akın already made her own music videos and posted them on YouTube. Recorded at home on the couch, filmed with a broken smartphone.

It brought her fame as a singer, and also as an actress: she played the role of Şirin Bozok in the popular TV series Yeni Gelin (2017-2018).

Yeni Gelin 12. Bölüm – Ferhat ile Şirin: Ayrılık Zor (May 2017)

But making music is Feride’s true love. Earlier this year she released the single Yok Yok. Deviating from her earlier songs, more with a rap vibe that she thinks suits her better.

Feride Hilal Akın – Yok Yok (May 2019)

Feride is very active on social media. So check her Instagram and YouTube pages.