Sedef Sebüktekin

She is my favourite singer in Turkey right now: Sedef Sebüktekin. Perhaps to be described as “indie” with some jazzy influences, but Sedef says she likes to experiment in different genres.

Sedef chose music at the age of 21, after it turned out that her landscape architecture study had less to do with art or design than she had hoped.

Sedef Sebüktekin – Ara (September 2019)

Music was Sedef’s escape. She started writing and recording songs, often in collaboration with her close friend since college, Can Ozan. In recent years she has released a dozen singles.

The self-written song Ara dates from earlier this year, the dance-themed video was released last month. Sedef can be seen in the dazzling clip with Zeynep İlhan, who also did the choreography.

IG: @sedefsebuk

I put together a playlist on Deezer with Sedef Sebüktekin tracks. You can check it here.

“Türkçe” Playlist

Anyone who happens to use Deezer as their music streaming service is very welcome to follow my “Türkçe” playlist.

More than six hours of hand-picked favourites, Turkish only. With male vocalists, but of course quite a lot of *Kadın Sesler* as well. Such as Selda Bağcan, Yasemin Mori, Sezen Aksu, Göksel, Ceyl’an Ertem, Nil Karaibrahimgil, Melike Şahin, Sena Şener and many others.

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