• Ayşe Hatun Önal

    25/11/2019 by

    Former fashion model and Miss Turkey Ayşe Hatun Önal has become an established name in the Turkish music world. After her first EP in 2003 – Sonunda – she has released award-winning songs in very different musical flavours, but always instantly recognizable because of her characteristic voice. Her latest single Efsane (Legend) dates from last… Read more

  • Zeynep and Mustafa

    13/11/2019 by

    Just a few weeks ago I posted a video of Zeynep Bastık, in which she did a cover of a Mustafa Sandal song. Now the two made a duet – Mod – and the video clip premiered yesterday. Mustafa Sandal is a sort of legend in Turkey, he has been active in the music world… Read more

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