Melek Mosso

Singer and musician Melek Mosso recently posted an acoustic version of her self-written song Gönül gözü on her YouTube channel. And I love it! Check it out:

Melek Mosso – Gönül gözü (October 2019)

Melek started making music as a 9-year-old girl. Later she took lessons in Turkish folk music at the conservatory. She started playing the flute at the Fine Arts High School and finished her studies at the university as a music teacher.

After moving to Istanbul, she gave music lessons in the Beşiktaş and Kadıköy districts. At the same time she performed with her own “jazzy” band Zbam.

Çukur 15. Bölüm – No.1 Feat. Melek Mosso – Hiç Işık Yok

In 2016, Melek (under her real name Melek Davarcı) participated in O Ses Türkiye, the Turkish edition of The Voice. A year later, her vocals were featured in the epic song Hiç Işık Yok, the soundtrack to the Çukur TV series. Melek’s first solo single Kedi (2018) immediately reached the Turkish charts.

You can follow Melek Mosso online on Instagram, Twitter and YouTube.