Ayşe Hatun Önal

Former fashion model and Miss Turkey Ayşe Hatun Önal has become an established name in the Turkish music world. After her first EP in 2003 – Sonunda – she has released award-winning songs in very different musical flavours, but always instantly recognizable because of her characteristic voice.

Ayşe Hatun Önal – Efsane (October 2019)

Her latest single Efsane (Legend) dates from last month, and was written by up and coming Turkish Cypriot rock singer Fikri Karayel.

IG: @aysehatunonal

In the video for Efsane, Ayşe is dressed by Azeri fashion designer Rufat İsmayil. During New York Fashion Week last September, Ayşe also showed the collection of İsmayil’s brand AFFFAIR on the catwalk.

Zeynep and Mustafa

Just a few weeks ago I posted a video of Zeynep Bastık, in which she did a cover of a Mustafa Sandal song.

Now the two made a duet – Mod – and the video clip premiered yesterday.

Mod – Mustafa Sandal, Zeynep Bastık (November 2019)

Mustafa Sandal is a sort of legend in Turkey, he has been active in the music world since the early 90s. Sandal sold more than 14 million albums inside and outside of Turkey and also wrote countless hits for big names like Ajda Pekkan, Sezen Aksu and Sertab Erener. Sandal’s single İsyankar (2005) reached the charts in several European countries.

The singer-songwriter also collaborated with many artists, such as Gülben Ergen, Greek singer Natalia, Eros Ramazzotti, Serbian singer Emina Jahović (now his ex-wife), Gülşen and Turkish rapper Eypio. And – luckily for us – the lovely Zeynep Bastık.

IG: @zeynepbastik

Just a reminder for everyone in the Netherlands: Zeynep will perform in the Melkweg Amsterdam on December 21, 2019.

Melek Mosso

Singer and musician Melek Mosso recently posted an acoustic version of her self-written song Gönül gözü on her YouTube channel. And I love it! Check it out:

Melek Mosso – Gönül gözü (October 2019)

Melek started making music as a 9-year-old girl. Later she took lessons in Turkish folk music at the conservatory. She started playing the flute at the Fine Arts High School and finished her studies at the university as a music teacher.

After moving to Istanbul, she gave music lessons in the Beşiktaş and Kadıköy districts. At the same time she performed with her own “jazzy” band Zbam.

Çukur 15. Bölüm – No.1 Feat. Melek Mosso – Hiç Işık Yok

In 2016, Melek (under her real name Melek Davarcı) participated in O Ses Türkiye, the Turkish edition of The Voice. A year later, her vocals were featured in the epic song Hiç Işık Yok, the soundtrack to the Çukur TV series. Melek’s first solo single Kedi (2018) immediately reached the Turkish charts.

You can follow Melek Mosso online on Instagram, Twitter and YouTube.

Gökçe Kılınçer

In the very first post of this blog I already put the spotlight on Gökçe Kılınçer. Famous for her retro sound reminiscent of the 60s and 70s. If Quentin Tarantino were to make a Turkish film, Gökçe’s music would be the perfect soundtrack.

Gökçe Kılınçer – Neyleyim (October 2019)

Gökçe, who was born in Ankara, has been living in London for several years after winning a scholarship for the Metropolitan University. The multicultural character of the English capital has unmistakably influenced Gökçe’s music. At the same time, she wants to introduce the world to Anatolian music. Neyleyim, one of the two videos that Gökçe posted on YouTube last week, very well reflects those influences and her ambition.

IG: @gokcekilincer

Her first single – Aşk Beni Bulunca – was released in 2014. Gökçe recorded her first album in a London studio: Kalbimde İzi Var (2016). A handful of maxi singles followed, and Gökçe is currently working on a new album.

Please check out Gökçe Kılınçer’s accounts on Instagram and YouTube.