Sedef Sebüktekin

She is my favourite singer in Turkey right now: Sedef Sebüktekin. Perhaps to be described as “indie” with some jazzy influences, but Sedef says she likes to experiment in different genres.

Sedef chose music at the age of 21, after it turned out that her landscape architecture study had less to do with art or design than she had hoped.

Sedef Sebüktekin – Ara (September 2019)

Music was Sedef’s escape. She started writing and recording songs, often in collaboration with her close friend since college, Can Ozan. In recent years she has released a dozen singles.

The self-written song Ara dates from earlier this year, the dance-themed video was released last month. Sedef can be seen in the dazzling clip with Zeynep İlhan, who also did the choreography.

IG: @sedefsebuk

I put together a playlist on Deezer with Sedef Sebüktekin tracks. You can check it here.


Tuğba Yurt

Müslüm Gürses (1953-2013) is a musical legend in Turkey. With his mélange of arabesk, pop and rock, he became a cult hero in his time – and he still is for a lot of young Turks.

One of his best known songs, and probably one of the most beautiful songs in Turkish, is Nilüfer. There are a trillion Nilüfer covers on YouTube, but for me this version from Tuğba Yurt is one of the best.

Tuğba Yurt – Nilüfer (April 2019)

Tuğba, born in Belgium, is a true pop diva and has been one of the most successful female singers in Turkey in recent years. She had her big breakthrough in 2014 with Doğukan Manço’s cover of a Sezen Aksu song, Sakin Ol. The video is one of the most viewed on YouTube in Turkey.

Just like quite a few other Turkish pop singers, Tuğba has a past in classical music. She studied at the Uludağ conservatory and played the viola in several orchestras.

IG: @tugbayurt

Tuğba Yurt regularly posts videos of intimate acoustic sessions on YouTube. I therefore highly recommend following her channel.

Nova Norda

Singer and songwriter Nova Norda is one of the most eye-catching newcomers in the Turkish music world. Started playing the piano as a 7-year-old girl, studied music at Boğaziçi University and ended up in a corporate job in the media world.

Nova Norda – Zor Akustik (May 2019)

But two years ago her passion for making music eventually won, and since then Nova Norda has released a series of singles and EPs.

All songs are written by the vocalist herself, like Zor (Hard) from earlier this year. Turkish electro pop with a dash of R&B flavour. Personally, I really like the acoustic version – check the video above.

IG: @nova.norda