Göksel is not your typical mainstream Turkish pop star, there is more to her music. Her lyrics are often relevant and very personal. She sang about depression in Depresyondayım – a track from Körebe (2001), a cult album in Turkish music history. And Taş Bebek (2007) denounces the beauty standards that women in our society must meet.

Also awesome: Göksel emerged as a wild rock diva in Dursun Zaman (2004), being a guest vocalist with maNga. This is a video of one of the group’s live performances, from the MTV Türkiye archives.

maNga & Göksel – Dursun Zaman (MTV Türkiye, 2006)

In the last decade Göksel recorded a few cover albums. However, I was pleasantly surprised that one of my favourite Turkish singers released new work in 2019: Hiç Yok (None at all), and Bu da Geçecek (This will pass) – a song written by Göksel together with the popular singer Mabel Matiz.

“Bu da geçecek biliyorum, kara güneşten gün doğacak” (I know that this will pass too, a new day will rise from the dark sun).

Göksel – Bu da Geçecek (February 2019)

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