Hoş geldin

Inspired by Guuzbourg‘s long-running blog about French “Filles Sourires”, I thought it was time to start my own music blog. More specifically, about women who sing in Turkish. So, here it is: Kadın Sesler. Hoş geldin!

I love the poetic Turkish language (although, unfortunately, I don’t understand everything). Especially when it is sung by female vocalists. On this blog I will share – irregularly, undoubtedly – new releases and occasionally older tracks by my favorite Turkish female singers.

Don’t expect the steamy beats you might know from the all-inclusive holiday resorts of Bodrum and Antalya. I prefer the more alternative Turkish music scene – poetic, sometimes raw, and often with a very characteristic psychedelic sound.

Gökçe Kılınçer – Bu Son Akşamda (July 2019)

A good example is the woman who is also featured in the header image of this blog: Gökçe Kılınçer. Singer, musician and songwriter – and known for her retro-inspired sound. Gökçe has been living in London for a few years now, but her songs are still delightfully Turkish. This is one of her latest releases: Bu Son Akşamda (On this last evening).